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How do I schedule messages for a WhatsApp group?

Yes, you can schedule your Whatsapp messages even for Whatsapp Group also. There are many apps that can Schedule your Whatsapp messages.

Here we gonna see best apps to automate or schedule Whatsapp Message in Android Device.

Using Scheduler for WhatsApp Android apps, you can easily Schedule WhatsApp Message on Android Device. It’s very simple & easy to use.Just follow the step-by-step procedure as given below:

Step 1: First Visit Here: Get List of Apps - Scheduler for WhatsApp and Download & Install app from Google Play Store on your Android device.

Step 2: First time when you will open this app, it will ask to enable for Accessibility Settings. Just click on ‘OK’ and allow it.

Step 3: On Bottom Right Corner of Welcome Screen, click on (+) icon to create a new message.

Note: On next screen, you will see “WhatsApp Group” and “Attach Image icon on Extreme Bottom Right corner” both these features are paid. If you want to use these features you have to upgrade this app by buying it.

Step 4: Just Select “WhatsApp Contact”–> Click on the field of “Select Recipient”, a contact list of WhatsApp will be displayed and select recipient. Now, Set the desired date and time for scheduling the message.

You can also select the frequency of the scheduled message “Once, Daily, Weekly…..”. In Next field, just Type your message and click on “Create” on the Top Right corner.

This app works with a Non-Rooted device but this comes with certain conditions. Yes, Conditions are not so hard:

Your device must not have any type of lock at the scheduled time. Your device must have Active Internet Connection at the scheduled time.

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