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WhatsApp tips and tricks: Step by step guide to scheduling your messages on Android and iOS

WhatsApp message scheduling: While WhatsApp allows its users to have a lot of good features, like stickers, GIFs and deleting messages, the instant messaging platform does not have the facility to allow users to schedule a message. In case a user remembers to ping someone in the middle of the night, the user will either have to somehow remember to do it the next day or do it right then, since a feature to schedule is not officially supported by the app. However, there are workarounds to this shortcoming in both Android as well iOS phones.

Scheduling WhatsApp messages in Android WhatsApp messages can be scheduled on Android with the aid of several third-party apps. While several apps claim to do the job, only SKEDit does the job well. Here’s how you can schedule WhatsApp messages using SKEDit.

  • Install SKEDit from Google Play Store and open the app. When the app is first launched, the user will have to sign up.

  • After signing up, tap WhatsApp on the main menu.

  • Grant the permissions the app asks for. Go to Enable Accessibility > SKEDit then toggle on Use Service to allow. After this, return to the app.

  • After this, fill in the details like the recipient, the message the user wants to send and the time and date the user wants to send the message on. The user will also be asked if they wish to repeat the scheduled message.

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