WhatsApp Reminder

WhatsApp Reminders

To make the most popular instant messaging platform more user-friendly, new features are being integrated into the app. WhatsApp Reminders WhatsApp ‘Reminders’ is a tool that allows you to receive and create alerts from inside WhatsApp. To set this up, you download and setup Any.do app. You can add the integration to WhatsApp and get instant easy reminders. So, for instance, you can send a message like, ‘remind me to buy milk’ and it’ll ask to set a time and set the reminder. The only caveat is that it’s not free and you need Any.do premium subscription to use it. To use the feature, make sure you have an Any.do Premium account. Then, head to Settings > Integrations > WhatsApp. Add your phone number and tap send. You can then enter the 6-digit code you received via text and tap confirm. Lastly, turn your reminders on and start messaging the bot to create new tasks.

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