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How to set reminders from within Whatsapp?

Whatsapp has a monopoly over the instant messaging platform for quite a while now, but it is slow and reluctant to add and release new features. One of these features was to set reminders from within the app. While apps like Messenger by Facebook, or iMessage on iOS, and even the native messaging app on Android, have allowed its users to set up reminders for a long time. WhatsApp is only now adding a similar feature to its messenger.

Any.do is possibly the most popular platform to organize your tasks and reminders that seamlessly syncs across all connected devices and now its integration in WhatsApp messenger will allow the users to set reminders from within the WhatsApp messaging app.

According to a website post by Any.do, users now can share events and reminders from within the app to other users. Reminders and tasks saved separately on the Any.do app would be available to share in WhatsApp. The feature will be available for WhatsApp on all the platforms.

To enable this feature, you have to visit whatsapp.any.do and buy the subscription to the service, current the charges to the subscription are $2.99/month. Even with the first-week free trial, you have to share card details and you will be charged automatically, starting the following week.

After availing of the paid subscription, a separate chat window with Any.do will appear on the screen. To use to set reminders and tasks, the users simply have to type out the task and reminders in the natural language, English. You simply have to chat with Any.do in a way you would ask a friend to remind you.

In order to set a reminder about a task or an event that another user told you on WhatsApp, simply forward that message to Any.do chat and it will automatically set a reminder.

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