WhatsApp Reminder

Any.do + WhatsApp Reminders & Tasks

What is it?

So many conversations, so little time to follow up. WhatsApp is one of the most popular tools to stay in touch with your friends, colleagues and family on the daily. Often times, these conversations include items which require further attention. However, with no designated place to collect all action items from your conversations, it can be hard to keep track. Introducing Any.do’s WhatsApp Reminders – a fast and easy way to create tasks & reminders straight from your ongoing conversations!

How does it work?

  • Easily create tasks and get reminders in WhatsApp on any supported device.

  • Create a task by sending a direct message to Any.do or forward a message to Any.do from any of your contacts.

  • Be reminded as soon as tasks are due, straight through WhatsApp. It’s easy, simple and effective!

  • Keep in mind – Any.do’s Whatsapp integration allows users to send reminders to their personal bot only.

  • Users cannot create reminders for other users’ or send them their own personal reminders.

  • The bot’s conversation is handled independently by each users and the bot cannot be added to group chats. However, you may always forward messages from any group or chat directly to the bot’s conversation if needed.

  • For optimal time detection, make sure to use the acceptable time formats below.

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