WhatsApp Reminder

WhatsApp now allows creating reminders via this app

The instant messaging platform can now through Any.do integration will have the ability to create tasks, reminders, receive reminder notifications, and more within the app. Any.do announced the partnership via a blog post along with details on how the entire integration works via Android Police.

The new integration will also users to create a reminder or task such as buying groceries, packing chargers using Any.do bot. This will also enable users to forward these reminders to any of your contacts. Once the user types or forwards a task, Any.do bot will ask if they would like to be reminded in case the task is incomplete. Also, it will ask whether you want to get reminded of the task or not. In case you want then one can simply type tomorrow morning or today at 9pm. The bot will automatically remind you at the set time via WhatsApp message.

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